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How Can You Use This Premium Domain?

Instead of having visitors go to your site at a long and confusing internet address, you can give them a short and easily recognizable domain name to find your products or services.  Then, once the search engines start to index your website under your new domain brand name, as well as backlinks you might start to acquire from other sites, you will get even more traffic, all based on the domain name.  You will also be able to demonstrate credibility with your new domain name when you send and receive e-mails at your premium domain, such as owner@domain.com. Domain names are not case-sensitive, so you will get all uppercase and lowercase variations of this name.

Why Are Premium Domains Valuable?

You would be the only person in the world with this domain company brand name in the entire world.  This would make you the company that owns this domain and you can market your products and services to the entire world, which over time, could very easily generate enough revenue to make the cost of the domain purchase negligible or even a net gain.  Maybe you will even get lucky in the future and you can sell this domain name for many times more than what you paid for it.  In the meantime, you can use the domain name to generate more revenue.

Why Act Quickly?

The digital world moves in real time, which is very fast.  The available supply of .COM domain names is decreasing every day.  Verisign reports have consistently indicated almost a 4% increase in .com domain registrations year-over-year, and sales and keyword data is constantly being updated.   If someone else gets the domain first, then it might be impossible to ever recover it again.  This could happen at any time, even while you are reading this!  There is only one way to get this domain: be the fastest person to get it.

How the Transfer Process Works

The transfer process is quick, easy, and secure.  Simply create a free account at Epik, a fully ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, and then when you purchase the domain, the domain will automatically and instantly be moved into your Epik account, and you will be the owner of the domain.  From there, you can do whatever you want with it, like set up a website immediately, or you can transfer the domain to another registrar, such as GoDaddy or NameSilo.

How to Connect a Domain Name to Your Website

You can either point the domain to your existing website through nameservers, A records, or CNAME records, or else you will need to purchase web hosting, which starts at around $10 a month.  You can also configure your domain name email settings or set them up with a email host so that you can send and receive e-mail at your new domain name address.

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